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Austria-Pascual Family
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Earliest birth yearQuintina "Tinang" Pascual ‎(I242)‎
Birth 31 October 1903
Latest birth yearThis information is private and cannot be shown.
Earliest death yearVirginia Austria ‎(I63)‎
Birth 4 November 1934 22 17
Death 31 October 1937 ‎(Age 2)‎ Baguio City, Philippines
Latest death year Carmelita Talavera ‎(I20)‎
Birth 7 July 1952 44 40 Balatoc, Mt.Province
Death 28 May 2014 ‎(Age 61)‎ Florissant, Missouri USA
Person who lived the longest
Adoracion "Cion" Nicolai ‎(I266)‎
Birth 6 November 1918
Death 15 July 2007 ‎(Age 88)‎ Moreno Valley Community Hospital
Average age at death
Males: 52   Females: 50
Family with the most children
Aurelio Austria + Mercedes Mendoza ‎(F5)‎
Average number of children per family
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Emma Lu's Photo Book
14 June 2013 - 10:54:50pm

A digital photo book of Emma Lu.

The Balberan Family Re-union
14 June 2013 - 10:52:51pm

Watch this YouTube Video of the Balberan Family Reunion
Reasons Why You Should Have a Login
14 June 2013 - 7:31:09am

If you are a family member, here are the reasons why you should have a login and keep it safe like any of your other online logins. You know that you're a family member if your name is in this Family Tree.

  1. This site is exclusive for family members. If your name is in this site - you are family.

  2. You are able to update your own record and records of any direct relations , such as brothers, sisters and parents

  3. You are able to upload as many photos as you want.

  4. You are able to view more information and photos of direct relations

  5. When you hit the Ancestry Chart, the starting point of the tree is you and not the web master.

  6. You are able to extract bits of information from this site and export it on your very own family tree ‎(A bit advance but, hey - it can be done)‎.

  7. You become a member of the growing number of family members who are Internet and Computer savvy :-)

To request for a login, hit the LOGIN and click on "Request new user account", fill-in your details then wait 'til I authenticate and set-up your privacy settings, access rights and link to the tree. Be patient - like everyone, I also have a day-job.

-- Rommel --
Welcome to Our Family Tree
14 June 2013 - 7:30:07am

This genealogical information is the result of updates and anecdotes that have been sent to me since 1994. To protect the privacy of all living members, only the names are made publicly available.

For family members, please request for a login to be able to view more details in the family tree. As a default, authenticated users can only see the details of their immediate relations - that is parents and siblings. ‎(I've been giving authenticated users access to 4 levels of relations as often , cousins know information about each other that can further improve these contents. I\'m reviewing all changes though before they are committed to the database.)‎Be patient when requesting a login - I would need to authenticate that your name can be linked to a family member record. If you were in email correspondence with me before - this should be quick. Otherwise we need to be introduced :-)

This is the fourth edition of our family tree. I am very thrilled to be able to open the maintenance of this great family tree to more members of the family. Unlike any other publication of our tree before this, we are now able to display some family information securely to authenticated users. More importantly, you are now able to update your own records.

For first time visitors, the easiest way to navigate this website is to click on the name of anyone featured in the GEDCOM Statistics - then keep clicking on names in the "Close Relatives" tab of the family member. When you get the hang of it, type some names in the SEARCH form and hopefully you'll get some results to navigate to. Feel free to experiment.

Authenticated users are also given privileges to edit information of relations up to 4 levels such as parents, siblings, cousins and second cousins. However, it may require approval of an administrator before changes are permanently recorded.

Remember - you are also able to upload your photos yourself - saves me having to maintain it :-)

-- Rommel --
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Lourdes Talavera ‎(I3)‎
Birth 1 November 1935 27 23 Baguio City, Philippines
Death 19 October 1999 ‎(Age 63)‎ Melbourne, Australia
Austria-Pascual Family

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